Montegrano – Lyrics


Come with me let’s fly to Montegrano
We can take a cart up to the sun
Just as long as we are both paesanos
With some sand to build our dreams upon

     A church beyond repair
     A town that doesn’t care
     Delight in your despair for Montegrano

Family is all in Montegrano
They have laid a table in the shade
Don’t let on you’re metropolitano
Pass the envelope and know you’re made

     The Mayor’s now your friend
     And you must comprehend
     You’re at your journey’s end in Montegrano

No one tills the fields of Montegrano
You would find your crops would disappear
Why grow food for free for some estraneo?
Better to kick back and drink your beer

     So lay aside your tools
     Be mindful of the rule
     Trust is just for fools in Montegrano