‘The One Beneath’ is a UK-based duo writing original, melodic songs that unashamedly put carefully crafted lyrics front and centre, adopting a musical style that reflects their love of the great songwriters: those that have gone before and the contemporary masters who inspire us still.

The duo comprises co-composers Hannah Margaret and Michael Heath.  They were initially drawn together by the love both had for thoughtful, melody-driven songs that reached across generations and genres, convinced that music – when it is created in the right way – has the ability to defy the labels that people always seem to want to place on it.

Eager to collaborate with other musicians, they’ve already published several songs where they have invited  other vocalists and musicians to perform with them.

From simple, unaffected love songs such as ‘Away From You’ through to the darkness of the haunting ‘In the Blue Hour’, their range touches on the lived experience of ordinary people grappling with the small, extraordinary events of modern life.

If you want to know more about what they play, then why not begin by watching the video below?

The above video is taken from our range of videos now available on YouTube.

We love how the plangent purity of Hannah Margaret’s voice brings out the innate sadness of the lyric.

Meet the Musicians

Philip Haswell
Michael Heath
Alice Johnson
Jenny Amaru
Adrian Podmore
Hannah Margaret

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